Monday, January 14, 2013

Nutty Bacon Bark

Got a sweet tooth?  Even on Paleo you can take care of that!

This is another recipe I found in the "Practical Paleo" book that I always keep in the refrigerator to help cure the sweet tooth when 3 o'clock rolls around or maybe a small piece after dinner :)


Nutty Bacon Bark

2 bags dark chocolate
4-5 pieces of bacon
3 T bacon grease

Place bacon on cooking sheet lined with foil, place in cold oven.  Set temperature of oven to 400 degrees and time to 20 minutes
With about 7 minutes left on the timer for the bacon, melt both bags of dark chocolate in an oven-safe bowl, 1 minute at a time, in the microwave.  Stir vigorously each time until fully melted. 

Add bacon grease into melted dark chocolate and stir well.
Line another cooking sheet with foil and spread chocolate mixture
Sprinkle cooked bacon and pecans on top and set in freezer for two hours

After you remove from freezer, break into pieces
Store for up to two weeks in an air-tight Tupperware container
and enjoy when you want....but don't overindulge! 


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